Did 2019 bring you your fishing thrills, dreams and wow moments? Yes! No?! Either way, 2020 fishing is on. The bite is back and microjigs look like the perfect temptation to snapper right now.

This time of year with more days of real stillness, utter calm out there, no drift, glassy conditions, hot and it’s easy to think the fish wont bite. Some of the time many fish species are on holiday too, but the number of times when ‘nothing’s happening’ and a solid big snapper of the day takes off with a tiny lure is astonishing. Perhaps it’s just the opportunity, or the inquisitive nature of snapper, or while many others are still using big aggressive lures and leaving Rod Holder to his ways.

This motionless scenario is perfect for catching fish. A good micro jig can be the ideal answer, for both shallow and deep water. Out drifting the gulf say 30-60m, a micro jig flitting around all through the water column will often turn up the goods, kingfish, dory, gurnard, snapper, porae , you name it a little lolly is the perfect temptation. And when using them on the light gear whether microjig rod or sofbait gear a light leader helps a LOT, 20lb maximum, 10-15lb even better. Long leader so the braid is well away from the lure and vary your technique, do everything, fast slow steady erratic long fall, jiggling, stationary…so much fun. Choosing your colour and shape is cool and rewarding and can often change throughout the day, so try colour, shape and action variations, and be ready to strike!

Where’s the Fish?

Firth of Thames, ol’ reliable, while not ballistic every day, a pretty good solid bet most days lately particularly the top end of it. Calm weather recently was ideal to go further afield, and many did with the predicted variable results with that full moon holding centre stage. Some pretty good workup action is worthwhile looking for, there’s been some good activity just sth of Anchorite rock lately, the food chain is in full swing – many species have young mouths to feed. The workups of the western Rangitoto have taken a rest and moved out past the Noises once more, expect that scene to continue to move around the inner gulf over the next week or two.

Gurnard are making their presence known, and good on them. The Kingfish bite was off a bit over this bright moon, and some trips further afield did turn up the kings, the numbers not big but some good specimens in the outer area of the gulf. Expect better things this week as the bite is coming back!

Got your eyes on something bigger?

If you’re looking for something bigger than snapper though, striped, blue and black marlin while not big in numbers yet, are well spread around much of the mid to upper north island. It doesn’t take much to get out and get into skipjack, perhaps an albacore, and while you’re at it – snag a marlin. The manta ray migration out past Gt Barrier is amazing to see with these massive creatures gliding along, hundreds of them. Also hundreds of sharks schooling in the Gt Barrier island shallows this past week, incredible, and normal.

Great to see masses of all sorts of water craft  enjoying the Hauraki Gulf environs. From jetskis at warp 9, to kayaks, paddle boards, biscuits, wakeboards. Or those who prefer a slower pace of life, simply sailing along. Or even anchored in a bay with scallops, mussels perhaps a crayfish or two alongside some fresh fillets to be savoured at leisure either cooked up on the back of the boat, or when home again. The wonders of nature at our front door literally – Whangaparaoa Peninsula has had some blue night lights, a natural bioluminescence no less, shorelines of beautifully blue lit waves, pink over the Eastern Bays! Read more about that here


Enjoy your fishing



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