All bodes well for a bumper Spring fishing season, Traditionally sometime late September/early October big male snapper re-enter the gulf ready for action.

One of the main highways in seems to provide the first of the entrants, on a line between Colville and Nth Waiheke. Therefore it’s time to be prepared now for spring fishing. Care and attention to both tackle and fish handling will largely determine successful capture and either fish release or kept in prime condition for the family.

Meanwhile, while we wait, the annual cold blustery weather still can come as a surprise. Many anglers have been kept stuck on land for too long. Conditions that cause channel surfing are not the best. Many boats, small, medium and large are or should be getting serviced right now. In a few short weeks Spring fishing will ‘suddenly’ be upon us all. Remember those pounding workups? All the excitement, manic panic, fish all over the place, pure fishing madness?! Tick tock…

Where’s the fish?

Straight easterlies predominated this past week which meant a nice change to the approach of where to fish. As a result, some good fishy spots leeside were presented, whether close in to shore on a boat of some description, or land-based using the prevailing conditions to your advantage. Trevally, snapper or kahawai on light tackle along a shoreline using softbaits or micro jigs is extra rewarding. Over the next week the wind has a big swing, sou’westers are back in force. Time to rethink where the calm enough spots will be, and the fish you are after, then get into it.

Espresso Report Sept 2018

There’s half a chance the winter workups out in the gulf will be thoroughly worthwhile. Marine mammals need to keep warm just like us. Our blood brothers the dolphins are keen to feed with the birds pointing the way. One friendly eye in the sky has informed me of some very exciting action around the 50m area.  If the wind does drop like a Giant Squidwing, then a workup hunt or maybe even a trip wide of Barrier for some big ‘Puka?! What a winter prize these fish are.

In addition to the fishing… 

Scallop season is nearly here for the Auckland area and Kemradec Islands. However, if you’re planning on gathering some of these delicacies, make sure you know the rules. A quick check on the Ministry of Primary Industries website has all the info. If your mouth is already watering, it’s not long to wait now! We’re already thinking of all the ways to eat them…

Seminars – the best thing to find out what’s new and improved and to keep you up with the play. Standing room only again at this week’s Marine & Engineering, Marsden Cove seminar, a great night. More seminars are coming, so you can get the most from your lure/jig fishing, improving on what you already know. South Island seminars are in October. This weekend – come and see for yourself what the fish see. Watch and use lures in the Catch 1400L jig tank at Marine Deals Grand store opening. See what you’ve been missing! See how you affect the lure, improvement on your fishing technique is guaranteed!

Overseas action

Many anglers head to warmer climes for a week away around about now. Islands like Samoa or Rarotonga. Or further afield like Malaysia as some of the Catch Pro Team members did to chase sailfish. A great way to spark upp and warm the mind and body.

Just like the wind speed forecasts – its pump up the volume time, get into your fishing for the remainder of 2019.



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