The Espresso Report, February 7, 2020.

Squalls of gannets rising out of nowhere, hectic scrambling to gain minimum height and immediately plunging down, hopeful fisherm’n just like us. When the dolphins do their tail slapping and short curling dives – it’s time for those pilchards to flee! And flee they do. The workups spread out between the Tiri and Flat Rock general area have been frustrating for most mammals in attendance lately. The pilchards, some of them big too, can defend themselves and for a couple of days they looked to be winning the battles with dolphins puffing loudly from extended chases, and gannets above likewise tiring with many fruitless dives. Well down below, snapper are unable to keep up with the pace of the chase.

Long periods of eerie calm too, with those sudden explosions of action – bite time has been key lately with sharp aggressive feeding, then not! Later in the afternoon this past week has been the best time to be out there. Thresher sharks have been slapping lures with their mighty tails, while others just taxing the lot, hook, line, lure and fish.

The large number of baitschools out in 50m are seemingly unattended by predators, this scenario is about to change, I suspect the skipjack tuna are about to ruffle the calm out by Little Barrier any day.

Gannets have also been in big sleepy flotillas just SW of Anchorite for hours, waiting…and when it happens, it’s short ‘n sharp action, so be ready when it ignites. Before then, micro jigs are worth their weight and a great option to try when the fish are ignoring most offerings.

The tidal current ramps up quickly over the next few days as the full moon makes its presence felt which should help the general bite action happening around the gulf. Whether out deep, mid ground or along the shorelines there are fish ready and waiting, perhaps waiting for you?