Exciting new tackle to try. Micro jigs and top water products from Catch Fishing, great for fishing with at this time of the year!

Micro jigs because most times a tasty looking little tidbit can be engulfed despite a lack of stimulus. Whether shallow waters, or in deep water and high currents, try a heavy but small tungsten micro jig like the Pocket Rocket, it’ll get down faster and more accurately. Top Water is always exciting, whether targeting kingfish or kahawai and both are lurking along shorelines even when the wind is whistling overhead. Stickbaits, poppers, microjigs, softbaits and many of the other temptations in your tackle box are simply waiting for their chance to show off. Allow them, this is a good thing.

Distance casting practice is a great hobby and easy. The strong offshore breezes and incoming tides combine well for this approach right now. And yes there have been good land-based snapper caught. Burley the habitat to wake them up and beckon them in, then tempt with favourite morsels whether real or imitation depending on your preferred style. Open channels are a great place, like the Tiri channel and north channel Kawau for instance. Reports of some good catches here lately. Winter is not all about discussions of how cold it is – it happens every year. Get over it, move on and go fishing. Winter adrenaline has its own unique recipe.

Stimulation in the cold is the key, for fish too. So it is simply a matter of lining up as many aspects as you can. Bite time, habitat, natural stimulus (e.g. workups), burley trails, tide direction, perhaps even your favourite Spot X thrown in the mix. The fish haven’t frozen, the water temperature is steady and often warmer than the air, the fish are there. Where are you?

It’s Full Moon once again, good for the tuna and Broadbill style, if the sea’s calm enough.

A big Leopard Seal, along with other aquatic spectacles, graces the upper Waitemata harbour. Fat and happy however a party stopper for all below in the food chain and that’s most! Exciting and fascinating yes, lethal also yes. That’s what being top of the pops is all about. Use a telephoto lens if you’re thinking of capturing a photo.

Spring is just 3 short weeks away, Winter is receding and Spring things are already awakening. If you’re in the Whangarei/Marsden area on Wednesday 21st August – come along to the free fishing seminar, fishing motivation 101 .



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