Fish your feet. It’s a phrase we’ve heard numerous times before. Why do I recommend it? Find out why in this week’s Espresso Report.

The Espresso Report August 28, 2019

Feel that? Definitely on some level the annual amp has been turned on. Gently humming away akin to white noise in the background somewhere. Warming up like an engine on a frosty morning. Perhaps a few coughs and splutters, some more than others. Without a doubt the Spring thing is blowing its own horn, early. A massive polar vortex aka a streamer with sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) is influencing our upper air currents. To bring this into perspective and as if you didn’t know – unsettled weather, extremes of cold, and wind. Turquoise coloured gulf waters, sunny skies then hail and back around again. The ultimate in changeable weather and as a result, so are current fishing fortunes. Fledgling cormorants or ‘Shags’ are in both flight training and swimming lessons, another hint to get into gear.

Similar to Snow Planet for Aucklanders v’s Ruapehu, the water around the edge of the gulf could almost provide fresh water fishing with all the rain lately, no need for the trip to Taupo!? Good news is that as this murky water clears over the next few days. As the wind drops down to some very fishable weather, the signs are good.

The amazing popularity (and rightly so) of smaller water craft has been highlighted successfully lately, fast easy access in close out of the wind whether drifting little softbaits along, or burleying hard and bring on the bite. Jet skis, tiny tinnies, kayaks or landbased – these have been the winning style for winter fishing. Results have been well earned and worthwhile too, whether snapper or kingfish the main target.

Were’s The Fish?

Spring chaos is already upon us, this means some epic fishing sessions are imminent. The workups that have continued without human presence in the gulf are due for a tune up, particularly in closer to northern Waiheke, those male snapper are getting keen on an early appearance in amongst them.

Consistent bet for snapper is still out deeper, out in 50m, as the school snapper ‘graze’ over open areas, steady as she goes style fishing can be expected most days, micro jigs and deep water softbaits will be working very well in these depths. Close quarter combat? Absolutely! Fish your feet first is the phrase of the week.

With the gulf’s water clearing from a drop in wind speed, the fish are typically in feeding mode right now. A good moon, good tidal current, fishing is on!



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