Match your microjigs with light leader. This seems to have been the secret to filling the bin this week. And thank goodness for that! Because after the last couple of weeks of challenging and frustrating snapper fishing, we knew it had to improve soon.

The Espresso Report May 16, 2019.
Some big hits and some not so big. This has been the norm in the Hauraki Gulf over the past week leading up to the big bright anti-sleep full moon in just few days. Strong tidal currents combined with some pretty gnarly looking wind speeds are forecast. Hence when wind is against tide it will make for ‘challenging’ conditions.

Perhaps some land fishing is a better bet? I.e. the Hutchwilco boat Show 2019 is on! Catch Fishing will be there bigger brighter and more interactive than ever. We’ll be show casing eye widening innovations in lure fishing. And once you see the lures under your direct control in one of the 2 huge 1400L jig tanks, your fishing could well change forever! Never had the thrill of catching a fish on an Acidwrap rod? Well there’s the catch fishing simulator (just like the real thing) to experience it first hand. Stunning boats, beautiful electronic displays and all sorts of incredible fishing tackle bargains. Just ready and waiting for a good browse through.

Where’s The Fish?

Out in the gulf the bite flicked back on out wider. Some good heart pounding workup style fishing popping up in 50m+. Action packed adrenaline fishing thrills fulfilled, even if somewhat briefly. The mid ground looked quiet on the surface with dolphins just sidling along enjoying the calm weather. However there were some areas of good action hard on the sea floor, snapper on the bite. Good pannie snapper to be had by using the slow drift speed of the calmer weather. These conditions allow for much lighter lead and much lighter leader…the result? A steadily filling fish bin rather than just lonely melting ice. Just north of Anchorite rock has, and I suspect will continue to be, a good place to lure in those schooling snapper. And a few sizeable gurnard as well.

Good kingfish hunting out at Gt Barrier at the moment by the way. Jigs – both slow pitch and mechanical jigs working well at the right time.

Skipjack are still here although feeding in the currents of the Jellicoe and Craddock channels. No doubt they’ll heading out soon, but they are there in numbers at present. The trick is to get them to bite! They can be menacingly frustrating jumping around the boat happy as can be, completely oblivious of you and your attempt to lure. However it is worth trying both troll and cast/retrieve for them. Trolling a small feathered lure, or a Lil Squidwing usually works. If not, stop and try your tiny micro jigs or very small softbaits with super light leader like 10lb, sight casting the little tuna. The hookup and ensuing thrill can be well worth the small effort in change of approach.

See you at the boat show…

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