Silver linings are a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to our fishing. So after a prolonged period i.e. more than a day or two, of the fish seemingly fasting, they are ready to breakfast. The outer gulf still has been the best bet in terms of consistent snapper bite with some good results returned to some those venturing that way, but not all – that full moon? Some fleeting heart leaps guaranteed if you are out there buzzing around and spy gannets dive bombing out past the 45m mark – but all workups are not created equal. Some workups are faster moving for various reasons and the snapper congregation underneath can be minimal to nil. Fishing the area rather than chasing the dragon can be just as effective, worth a drift to try a few different lures and put your lure skills to the test. Hot spots are out there beyond 50m, if it’s not happening around you, hunt around for it, there should be a nice pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Skipjack tuna are still around although thinning out in numbers rapidly, great for a change of pace and fish catching tactics. They’ll be back in 2020.

Speaking of a change of pace, the Hutchwilco Boat Show was a great place to be, checking out boating and fishing gear to your heart’s desire. Kiwi ingenuity and innovation in alive and well. It was also a great way to catch up with so many fishing enthusiasts and thoroughly enjoyable to speak with many of you in person.

The moon has done its dash this month, it’s influences are subsiding, the weather is improving, the fish are coming back on the bite, there’re lots of ways to go and enjoy yourself fishing, how’s that weather looking? You know what to do.