Melbourne Fishing Report – Oct. 2018


The Reds are in!

All over Victoria, Anglers are gearing up and heading out because Snapper season is officially on. Plenty of reports are coming in from both Port Phillip and the Western Port Bays, with fish of up to 8kg being landed!

With the temperature forecasted to heat up to 30C next week, the fishing is only set to improve. Mixed in with the Snapper reports are a few King George Whiting catches. It is probably still a month until the Whiting become a more consistent catch, but as one of the best eating Fish in Australia, they are worth going after. Dropping down a Catch Stingaz Jighead paired with a Worm-type soft plastic should see a Whiting coming up!

My last trip in Western Port saw a Big Red of 8kgs landed in the Kayak. At 85cm, it’s going to be hard to top this season, but you can bet I’ll be out there trying!