Mother Nature sure is putting on her summer displays in all areas out there on the briny

Pink tides and blue-light nights, with new shows opening daily. Workups, top water kingfish, tuna, marlin, and snapper thrills ‘n spills are all on the program. It just depends on what show you’re looking for!

Topwater Kingfish

Some good kingfish action lately out there with some great sizes too. Out wider in the gulf has seen better rewards this week than previously, and best to get up early and get out there though. Midday doldrums has seen many hours of little action between full on feed modes. Timing seems to be the most important thing at the moment. Make note of the bites times for your runs out, and casting times.

Game fishing

Big game fishing is gathering momentum well, after all it is only mid-January. Yet up and down both coasts keen big gamers are out there searching for top ocean predators, and there have been some good fish caught on both sides. It is early days, the season is looking good and calm winds are the predominant factor for most boats. Fortunately there is more calm imminent. Whether you’re after tuna (skipjack, albacore or yellowfin) or marlin, having that well-mannered Squidwing in tow is a reliable way to get hooked up. Rigger or shotgun, easy.

Small game fishing within the gulf is awaiting the arrival of many skipjack. Those amazingly coloured speedsters are inbound, and they can ‘Just Say No’ like the best of them! So if you start seeing silver blips on the sea surface and start questioning your eyesight, could be skipjack. Troll a Lil’ Squidwings (around 5 or 6kts) and enjoy that reel lighting up. Or if there is a good school around throw a little micro jig something like a Pocket Rocket, it works a treat. On light gear simply enjoy the reel screaming thrills because blistering speed is their thing!

Where’s The Fish?

The western side of the gulf has been a bit quiet on the gannet front for a few days, eastern areas east of the cable zone have provided better pickings for workup pop ups. The evening workup of eye opener size just off Noises on Tuesday was impressive, yet the following evening the activity was somewhere else, keeping workup hunters working for their rewards. There have been long periods of seemingly complete stillness with zero bite, however if you see several gannets just sitting there – try throwing down your best temptation, small, there are likely to be some good snapper in the area, you just need to pick the right little titbit and you can get them to bite alright. Tungsten micro when out deeper, lead micro jig mid ground or even the ultra-light zinc alloy Boss microjig for even slower descent…be ready for the strike on the drop!
Enjoy your summer fishing and making memories.



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