Super moon and super warm temperatures. What influence do they have on our fishing?

Waning Gibbous moon dominates the night sky. Sea surface temperatures are soaring up and down the country, along with air temps for humans. Does it affect the fishing? Of course it does. This week’s super moon seems to have had a significant influence on fishing. It seems most species have had a bit of a fast from extended meals. Very short sharp to the point style bite flurries has been more the norm.

Where’s The Fish?

Out in the gulf – short sharp workups are productive. East of the cable line is still the best bet whether the inner area directly east of Tiri. Or wander a bit further out. There’re also a few hot spots just in from Channel Island with small attack pods of dolphins and accompanying splinter groups of gannets. Fast and furious, on then off type workups are to be expected. Bite times are a definitive yes or no, none of the ‘yes means no’, or ‘no means maybe’ routine, black and white stuff. The Flat Rock area has been doing alright, a lot of sharks there so expect to pay your taxes, however some good snapper fishing has been on in the general area.

The skipjack tuna are knocking at the gate of the Colville channel. Big round barrels of nitrous-filled speedsters have been lighting up the reels out there this week, the fun has been next level! Over the other side of the big paddock perhaps there’s a few coming in to the Gulf through the Jellicoe or Craddock channels. A lot more bait hanging around over that side – worth trolling the magic Squidwings for sure!

Marlin are within a trailer-boat day trip. Out the back of Gt Barrier and behind the Mokes is producing a few and while you’re out there have a quick jig for kings too. Big beautiful striped marlin are getting well withing range now, pick your weather and give it a go. You don’t have to have much, and don’t forget that Squidwing or two. Whether small medium or large depending on what size fish you are after, easy to run and very, very effective!

The bite is on the rebound now, and the fish merely await your presence.

Enjoy your summer fishing!


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