Espresso Report April 24, 2019

Slowly wafting micro-jigs and wriggling, writhing little softbaits outperforming out even the genuine Freestyle Kabura? Hard to believe, but at times too true, and good to know with some of the year’s best fishing times about to unfold, the Autumn feeding frenzy is about to unleash itself and head into bulk-up mode.

That full moon (or was it?) sure put the skew on prime fish hunting this past week, with many having to go far and wide to get some adrenaline ingestion. Deeper water providing more steady, consistent fishing, drifting out in 50m and beyond for instance.

Mid ground, the wider areas around Anchorite can be surprisingly quiet on the sounder and surface, but those beautifully sized and well-conditioned pannies of 35-40cm are there. With the right approach you can hook them up even when they are playing hard to get, like when the wind is from the SE and several other of the ‘101 fishing excuses’ of why pizza delivery for dinner instead of fresh fish. Freestyle Kabura for sure, those tiny buoyant skirts and Rod Holder combine well when nothing else seems to – except micro jigs (pink for whatever reason was ridiculously good the other day) this week were the best. The micro jigging technique also required a complete change from the normal jig style of fast jerky movement, the rise and fall of swell alone was just perfect for enticing the strike, the best technique…two winds up off the sea floor and into Rod Holder, or very slow motion jigging, nothing dramatic. Steady fishing over several hours and the fish bin progressively filled, nice.

Hot spots of those monster kahawai are north of Tiri, well worth the fun! Sometimes they too will just say NO, frustrating to see the epitome of Yeah-Nah as they streak in to eyeball a lure, then turn their heads moments before taking a bite, the perfect scenario to test your lure presentation skills. Again for the best part of this past week most normal jigs have been ignored by even kahawai feeding on bait-balls of anchovies, normally when you’d expect kahawai to have a go at anything, not so. The best was the micro jigs or a slowly swimming softbait. Inchiku, Kabura and slow pitch were almost totally ignored. Fascinating and it’s what keep us coming back, you never know what is going to happen on any given day out fishing, but it’s all good.

The tidal current slows, the full moon fades, the water temperatures drift downward, and the fish need to feed. I suspect a fast and furious turnaround in fishing fortunes for many over the next few days, the antici…pation is peaking!

Mussel farms are good solid providers right now, it can get busy in some close confines but with the right gear the better fish can be targeted and landed, both snapper and kingfish. Both of these fish are very worthy quarry to land in this scenario.

Evening flurries all along the North Shore Bays and many others tease the land-dwellers as they emerge and seemingly evaporate just prior to sunset, baitfish rising, birds all a flutter. Here one minute, there the next. Kahawai, mackerel and some snapper lurking as well. Perfect for a quick fishin’ mission, small water craft (kayak, tiny tinny, paddle board, jet ski, so many ways) have the edge in terms of fast easy access, and provide the famous fun factor as well. A lightweight rod, a lure – and that’s it. Bye. Gone Fishin’!

These fishing times are simply the best.