The very slow tease approach to catching fish, particularly snapper, works wonders especially during winter.

So many fish are conserving fuel, using their treasured energy reserves only for a quick ‘n easy feed. A tempting looking lure presented calmly by Rod Holder’s action fits the bill perfectly for catching these fish! It’s hard to recall just how many times Rod Holder has produced the best fish of the day and for good reasons, but rarely credited with the catch. The video below highlights reasons why Rod Holder has gained such legendary fish catching status.

The Fishing

Blustery offshore conditions have prevented most fishing excursions over the past several days, especially out in deeper water. This is where the bite has mostly been rewarding, particularly for this semi-hibernation time of year. And I’m not just talking about fish. The winter chill is on even with next month’s Spring pollen already collecting on car windscreens.

Kingfish, gurnard and a few other species like frost fish and John dory have made a welcome presence. Both on the sounder and on the end of the line. While not every day is one for fish-hero photo’s, it certainly has been a productive winter for catching big snapper so far.

50 has been the most consistent snapper number recently, 50cm long snapper in 50m of water that is. Launches and trailer boats have done well out in most areas of the Hauraki Gulf in this depth, right along the contour lines. Gt Barrier has been hot and cold. More like a hero or zero status on the roll of the dice to venture that far or not.

Some stealthy anglers have been out right on first light especially kayakers. They’ve been doing rather well with barely weighted soft baits. Out early, couple or three snapper and back home as the sun gets its act together with warming duties.

A great time of year for bigger, stronger well-conditioned fish to target whether a quick session in close with a soft bait or a fishin’ mission out further.

Enjoy your fishing.

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