If you’re heading out for a west coast fishing trip, it’s been a case of ‘west is best’ lately.

When the weather conditions allow smaller fishing vessels to head out over west coast bars and in to the Tasman Sea, the fishing can be some of the finest in the country. If the opportunity presents, how about getting among the Yellow Fin Tuna (YFT)? Or target Mahimahi on a jig. Then there’s marlin of course along with the usual suspects of gurnard, snapper, kingfish and kahawai out Manukau-side. Yes, the Westside is performing.

Hectic fishing times are upon us with competitions countrywide covering everything from Grandaddy Hapuka to Black Marlin. Catering for first time anglers to full time professionals, there’s some seriously eye widening prizes on offer. Fishing competitions are always good times  building great memories.

Where’s The Fish?

The shallows for snapper is still an excellent option, even in downtown Auckland and along the populated North Shore Bays.  Still the cheeky among us are holding up the solid snapper caught right under our noses. Saltwater fly or small diving bibbed lures trolled past little reefs on a kayak have ended up in great battles with big snapper. Amazing and so rewarding. How about a slow trolled curly tail softbait, more tempting than the real thing?!

The Eastern side was affected significantly by that full moon. A couple or three days of very lethargic bite ensued, even when the sounder looked in demo-mode. Sometimes this can be an ideal time to try something different just to see, try a micro jig, no matter what the depth – who knows what will hook up? What is known, is that a battle is guaranteed. Two hours of to-and-fro with a 100kg Bronze Whaler on a microjig rod and 28gm L’ll Squidwing was a wonderfully testing time this past week.

Microjigs are still doing well for skipjack, but trolling lures is starting to work better, anywhere in 30m.

Would you like anchovies with that order?! There’s been lots of action around the bait-schools by all species eyeing up the highly nutritious and essential anchovy. If you find petrels or terns just sitting around out in 45m, have a slow troll around that area – being mindful of the birds of course.  See if you can find the bait-schools and throw down some little but very shiny lures (silver, luminous and erratic hang-time style lures). The big quiet predatory lurkers are there somewhere. Kingfish, snapper, skipjack etc., and this style of fishing has been excellent during the long rest periods out there.

Softbaits? For sure! Perhaps add a blade or similar for that extra shiny anchovy-like attraction.

Sharks. Yes. A lot. If you lose a fish to a shark – move, otherwise the tax loss will continue.

Free Fishing Seminars

Lure fishing seminars are on. Check out where and when, just do it!

So the answer is yes. Yes go fishing with Autumn feeding, summer species still in close. It’s past the full moon, so why not?


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