Workups and calm weather, surely the perfect combination for winter fishing?

The Espresso Report July 25, 2019

The workup word has been used more of late with that added tinge of excitement brought on by calm weather forecasts. There’s been some goodies of both in terms of weather and workups. Then again, some too fleeting to call much other than elusive in terms of fish presence.

Whales continue to enthral those lucky enough to get a glimpse. And wouldn’t you know it after mentioning them last week, this week – a pygmy blue whale has been out past Anchorite, amazing. Feeding on krill certainly provides a spectacle, but this is not really a fish finder for us humans. You’ll also notice very few in any gannets hovering above for long, they also aren’t after krill. The odd gannet may take an exploratory dive, a bit like us dropping a lure really. While there’s nothing wrong with that, just don’t expect fishing madness underneath with this scenario.

Land masses can be fog bound in the mornings, but often just offshore it is crystal clear. As the sun rises the sea surface comes alive with uncountable terns and petrels skimming the surface impossibly close. The birds fly fast and low, sniffing around for baitfish just below. The evenings extend as Spring draws nearer with sunsets over Waitakere way. It’s a good time to be ‘getting in late’ or knocking off early and heading out for an evening’s fish. Hey and if you haven’t tried squid fishing – maybe a something new to try at night?

Where’s The Fish?

Snapper being released into the calm water.

Mid ground of the Hauraki Gulf has been decidedly quiet. This is probably due to action in Firth of Thames. Just out from the Ahaa’s, and over by Horn Rock and the Pigeons have all had their fair share of birds, dolphins and fish this week. Consequently good places to keep an eye on. Perhaps “delayed on another job” phrase has been used more of late too. Good winter fishing is on.

The Bluefin Tuna off Waihau have diminished in numbers being caught recreationally, perhaps as they move further north. However the size of some of them is stunning. Bucket list ticked for a lot of recreational anglers this season so far, no doubt more to come.

Make sure you check the bite times before heading out. The fishing is good and the weather windows have been predicted well, long may both continue to coincide so you can be out there enjoying what is right on our doorstep.



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