Winter is the prime time to be fishing for Gurnard.  Now’s when your winter fishing expeditions around the inshore areas are rewarded with sweet tasty gurnard.  Over the general open sandy areas of the harbours and right in to quite shallow water ‘carrots’ are lying in wait. Using their sense of touch via their finger-like […]

Fishing Anchovy schools. These schools are an amazing sight when being preyed upon. With the right approach, using lures that resemble a small baitfish or part thereof slowly wafting down, a successful hook-up is assured. The Espresso Report. A pod of whales gently rising and spouting randomly around the boat. Some fast paced bottle-nose dolphins […]

Mechanical jigging speed jigs for kingfish is working well. The fish are hounding a few baitschools out there. These are signalled by small fast moving frenzies over wide areas, a few birds trying to keep up, and probably a small pack or three of hunting dolphins. With shorter days, and days of shorter sharper bites, […]

It’s that time of year again…the 2019 Hutchwilco Boat Show begins May 16 at ASB Showgrounds. Catch Fishing Tackle in conjunction with Smart Marine is back again, bigger and better than ever.

You can find us in Hall 2 on stand 258. There is so much happening this year, so call by on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and say hello.

~ Come and try our fishing simulator with our Catch Fishing rods and reels. It’s just like the real thing! You’ll experience the thrill of catching fish with an acidwrap rod!
~ See how each lure swims underwater in one of 2 HUGE 1400L jig tanks. Once you see the lures under your control in these tanks, your fishing could well change forever!
~ Free Master Class fishing seminars in The Rock Fishing Hall.
Learn to catch more and bigger fish in the free Master Class fishing seminars presented by Master jigging and lure experts Edward Lee & Grant ‘Espresso’ Bittle on the best jigging techniques. Thursday at 12pm, Friday at 2pm, Saturday at 4pm, and Sunday at 3pm.
~ The Catch team will be on hand. Available to answer any questions and talk through the range of gear to best suit your fishing style and location.
~ Of course the whole range of Catch rods, reels, lures and other tackle is available at great prices.

See you there!