Lowering lockdown levels announced gives a bit of welcome respite for many Aucklanders and also the rest of the country, along with spring everything is at least heading in the right direction for some wonderful fishing adventures to unfold, for making new and satisfying memories.

Te Anau time!? Permanent daylight savings perhaps? Speaking of daylight savings, not that the digital connected devices don’t automatically adjust, but you may have to adjust several clocks from this coming Sunday, daylight saving begins when clocks at 2am go forward by 1 hour to 3am on 26 September 2021. Enjoying a longer beautiful evening of landbased or kayak fishing the local shoreline coming up? Sounds great.

The moon phase is in full force, a waning gibbous harvest one at that, just past the equinox amplifying Witches spells apparently, so time to cast your spell on those fish? And speaking of that big bright nightlight – Moontide Fishing has just shown the last of Series 1, all about land-based fishing the far north and that moon – check it out here:

Moon Tide Fishing, Episode 13 | Māori Television (maoritelevision.com)

Under the radar – I reckon the snapper are happily grazing their way in, especially some big males ready to get the spring party started, those channels coming into the gulf should be holding some good snapper, also reaching further down perhaps into the out Firth of Thames area, and hopefully between Kawau and Little Barrier.

Further north, much further out of Auckland there’s been a good inshore morning bite, perhaps the northern snapper getting into spring groove earlier than Aucklanders, level 2 shenanigans?

Godwit – Google image

Alaskan-New Zealand airways, perhaps even the astonishing feats of these tiny birds flying from Alaska 10,000kms NON STOP to NZ every year, yet at least one only to turn back after just a few thousand kms – maybe an avian MIQ issue.  New Zealand has some incredible flora and fauna.

Strong winds force godwit migrating from Alaska to New Zealand to turn around (msn.com)

All signs are looking good, very good. Spring is begrudgingly getting underway, the sea temperatures are getting the hint to rise and snapper are starting to heed the call, no doubt many other prize fish likewise. Lockdown levels are dropping, perhaps the planets are aligning for a cracker of a season?! A bit of wild weather coming over the next week, but life is what you make it. Get into it, and enjoy.

Back to the Future, so while most of NZ is in lower level lockdown, semi-free, Auckland is still in solitary but the future’s so bright ya gotta wear shades! October is when Spring really starts to kick in out in the local gulf in terms of fishing. The water is still cold at 12c all around the inner areas, and only 13c right out past Kawau, however out further it is on its way up, along with the size and ferocity of workup action. Hopefully the whales will find enough baitfish to feed in the gulf more this summer than last year, part of the ever changing sea life out there. There is a lot of action out of the gulf right at the moment, but for Aucklanders to know about the intense workups going on off the coast between Little Barrier and the Hen and Chicks is a bridge too far, ignorance can be bliss.

Christmas presents for three VIP’s have already been ordered to ensure a few sought after and prized gifts are available. Me, myself and I will be very pleased with our stocking ‘surprizes’! Some amazing new tackle to get excited about and use on the upcoming summer big fishin’ missions. Something this latest lockdown has cemented home is the fact of the ever unknown future, the premium times of being hooked up to a fish, out having a great day’s fishing, creating BBQ stories galore. These epic days of actually fishing are becoming even more precious and therefore should be savoured in every way. Some new ways of enjoying fishing are on the horizon, who knows what’s next in every realm. Nike say it well, Just Do It.

Kayaks – while unfortunately not the proud owner of one myself, the age of the kayak I have been expounding the virtues of has not only begun but is re-igniting the fishing passion amongst so many, and rightly so. Not only do Kayaks excel at fishing within 200m of shore, there are ultra-amazing offshore places to visit once lockdown levels drop – the use of a Mothership to kayak the hallowed grounds of The Mokes, Little Barrier, Great Barrier with the sanctity of a big vessel with sleeping, cooking, transport and friendly banter is hard to beat. Aaron Covacich operating www.bountyhuntercharters.co.nz  runs a purpose made kayak adventure in the gulf’s island paradise for instance. The world of kayaking is so incredibly much more than most think. Add the bonus of being 100% stinky bait free using lures and fishing gear purpose made for this (www.catchfishing.co.nz) can delivery outstanding experiences David Attenborough would be proud of, all literally at our doorstep.

How about a BOAT SHOW? Maybe a bit of virtual and augmented reality, but how good is that when you’re locked down. Club Marine Perth Boat Show 17th – 19th September 2021, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thanks @Jade Suzanne and all the best with your launch of Adventure in Nature (AiN).

Feel like Fishing? Join in with the Catch crew aboard Wavedancer for a new day out slow pitchin’ for ….? Check out Tuesday night’s episode and get your fishing fix.

Moon Tide Fishing, Episode 12 | Māori Television (maoritelevision.com)

When we look back, at some stage in the future, it’d be great to think “yeah I did THAT and THIS during lockdown, and look at the result. Perhaps the perfect slow-pitch setup, or a land based longline, or the real deal to target and land the mighty kingfish, or maybe a simple setup for a niece of nephew to start their fishing journey from a wharf. Whatever your heart has been after, do it now, the future hasn’t been written, it’s time to write your own.

For those who wish to enjoy the benefits of fishing bait free – jump onto Catch Fishing Youtube channel and browse to your heart’s content of what can be…all you need to do is do it, now literally is the time. Enjoy.

Life in the slow lane for many, Auckland in particular, level 4 lockdown, ‘fortunately’ the weather has been absolute crud for being

out in the open gulf waters, muffling temptation. Some seriously skinny isobar stuff too, over 100kph winds make for extremely poor conditions for most things outdoors, just right for being tucked up safe and sound at home, maybe tinkering with fishing things or enjoying the local land-based approach for a fishing fix (see link below), or continue to delve into the online world of all things fishing. Hail storm maelstrom, brilliant sunshine, momentary calms then banger winds thumping in, ah yes Spring it is! Spring is not calm serene scene, it is a time of major change, not too much dead wood (nature’s), and a good time to take a hint from her, get rid of the old unused fishing tackle – time to donate to a novice neighbour, a niece or nephew…most everyone can remember when fishing was ignited within, pass it on.

Sunday’s Facebook LIVE “How To Inchiku” presentation went off without a hitch, on Catch Fishing Facebook page Sunday September 5, thanks for such an overwhelming response, a good get together and sharing of various ideas and for being part of the success of Catch in NZ, Australia and more countries by the day. There’re more videos, how-to, new product releases (oh your going to LOVE what’s coming up shortly if you’re into softbaiting – you’re already training those arms right?) with some technique and tips right in the thick of action – once current Covid restrictions ease.

Christmas? Stop it. You’re kidding me right. Normally, but here’s the thing – the new normal that is now, there are warnings in the media of supply chain issues, perhaps supply at all so if you are going to get into some new, updated, replaced or whichever for your future fishing adventures, it would be a wise fisherman/woman who got onto that very soon. There’s a few items I would ‘normally’ get when the summer season of fishing is upon us, waiting will mean disappointment when summer is here, the weather good, we’re out and about enjoying life in the outdoors, camping, fishing, holidays…and you didn’t get the gear you’ve been wanting, and you can’t get it!

Avoid the inevitable big let-down and get onto it, now.

“So what do you use Espresso?” lure’s for land-based fishing? Well here’s a quick video of exactly what I have and use, especially for a local lockdown approach. Landbased lure fishing : (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNCXVdYuhV0)

Enjoy what ever opportunities present wherever you may be over the next week or three.

That unmistakable crackle of an outboard bursting into life, in lockdown the odd audible flirtation around the ‘burbs instantly pricks the ears up – purportedly for the charging of batteries, keeping things ‘ticking over’ (technical term), enjoying the glorious smell of 2 stroke oil being burnt or the deep muffled growl of a 4 stroke however many cylinders. From tiny tinnys to mighty big trailer boats jetskis and all manner of propelled fishing flotation devices – all are poised, impatiently.

Feel the need for some fresh on-demand fishing action?! Well look no further than Moontide Fishing, click and sit back to export yourself there in person, fishing in full force in the Hauraki Gulf, Moon Tide Fishing, Episode 10 | Māori Television (maoritelevision.com)

Never before has there been there more reason to get right into your fishing, whether for food for your family, friends, some great exercise, adventures – all of the above and many more good reasons. All the more important to enjoy the thrills and rewards of actually catching fish (of legal plus size), utilizing the windows of opportunity to be out there getting that rush of excitement as you feel the fish bite…who knows how many more times, for whatever reasons be it viral, work, life in general – but I do have the feeling that making the most of limited times actually fishing is becoming even more precious, bringing home fresh fish.

LIVE on Facebook and Instagram this Sunday (Fathers Day) – join in with Espresso on Catch Fishing for a reveal-all on inchiku, find out the Number 1 technique for better hookups, see what the fish actually see in the jig tank and more….but wait there’s more, a Question and Answer session with Espresso. See you on Sunday at 10:30am for some great fishing discussion, after the weekly Sunday Café on MagicFM radio (08:30).

The local gulf’s water temp is down to 12 and 13c, very brrr in snapper terms, that drop has to have bottomed out and like a good follow through on the golf course we should all be looking forward to what unfolds, it’s spring! Yes spring has arrived, bringing some fierce winds and another time of blustery change. While many snapper will heed the call to come back closer and shallower seeking warmer waters for summer breeding there is plenty of time i.e. we’re in local lockdown anyway so all is on course, patience grasshopper. Boat/ski batteries charged? Trailer wheel bearings not all seized up? Did you actually check your favourite rod’s guides? How’s the last few metres of braid – a bit worn tired or frayed looking, at least cut several metres off, time to start fresh.

Seabirds have been on lockdown effectively due to 100kph+ winds, even gulls struggling to make any headway at all. Make the most of the paradise we live in, and have a great Father’s Day.

Pity by gannets or a pseudo-reward for humans like us handling the local level 4 lockdown, either way the near tear-inducing workups west of Rangitoto area have moved further out, mostly out of sight, so almost out of mind. They did however increase in intensity and density out off north of the Noises way for a few days. And further off out and about they’re roaming after getting in amongst the naval manoeuvres over the past week or so.

From Kawau across to the Ahaa islands there’s been quite the military activity and what a spectacle to see HMNZS Te Kaha and Aotearoa during the daytime, then HMNZS Aotearoa put on a night-show of dazzling lights under this current bold Blue Moon, luminosity all ‘round! Squid and mackerel freshly caught from over the side for the onboard menu surely?

Prime Jack Mackerel, microjgged!

Many mackerel schools are still popping up west of Rangitoto and south of Tiritiri Matangi , rising here and there keeping the terns and other seabirds busy in their never-ending game of chase, although this activity has   dopped off noticeably as well just the last day or so. These fish are small, yet with stunningly subtle colours, delicious too, with a life-span of 20+ years their abundance is a vital part of a healthy food chain.

Procrastination is the thief of time and the mother of mishap, so hit the relaxation mode button, give your beautiful and trusted reels a bit of tender-loving-care and wile away some time in the shed/workshop/aboard the boat parked in the driveway, or similar favourite zen-space? It’s fascinating how even after careful and seemingly thorough post-fishing care, there still appears the odd salt stain or worse, corrosion prior to catastrophic reel failure i.e. a lost fish – and you know it’ll be a goodie!

Fresh water is your friend, salt isn’t. Sodium Chloride (NaCl) comprises 3.5% of seawater so even small amounts of saltwater left to dry will leave salt residue, which being hydroscopic will absorb moisture from the air and create salt water all over again – spreading like a virus on your fishing gear, unrelentingly. Depending on how much salt, sand etc is on your reel after a day’s fishing – a good general guideline is to rinse the reel and rod with a fine spray of fresh water. This spray dissolves and rinses away that corrosive salt. Shake the rods/reels to get the majority of water off, then wipe off and/or leave to dry. A quick squirt of silicone along rod guides, and over the reel followed by a gentle wipe is a great way to finish once everything has had a chance to dry out. I like to use a quality silicone spray directly onto the braid line as well, making sure that excess is wiped off the reel handle – otherwise the next time out, slippery when wet! Take care not to over-do the rinsing or water pressure on the tiny, but very important bail arm bearings on spin reels in particular. These tiny bearings do amazingly high revs when a fish is on the charge, so they need lubrication now and then (now), something you can do but be careful, there are various types of screw heads, tiny threads and easily dropped bits that can instantly go to never-never land.

Rods – it really does pay to check the inside of your guides for tiny little nicks or cuts or cracks, use a magnifying glass if you need to. These scratches can be caused when hooks are put into a guide to hold it instead of using a hook holder on the rod. Many ‘bustoffs’ have been caused by these nicks – it doesn’t take much especially with braid. Get the guide replaced with any sign of damage – it’ll avoid that look of disbelief and the subsequent tantrum when the fish of the day is lost, more than once.

Coming up soon will be a Facebook LIVE on Fishing Inchiku!what makes them work, how to triple your hook-up rate in one easy technique, what to avoid, a technique or two to try if you haven’t already, and I’ll be answering questions as well. Stay tuned for date and time, coming to a device soon near you.

There’s some pretty crud weather forecast, so weather your own lockdown storm and no doubt there’ll be plenty of opportunities to experience the sights, sounds and awesome feeling of fishing again. Be prepared and make the most of it.


Locked and loaded, locked down but not out! Now there is no excuse, time to get organised 100% for having the time of your life again soon, catching fish in familiar and new places along with a few friends faces thoroughly enjoying the chosen genre of fishing. Opportunities knock in different ways, sometimes loud sometimes soft, may as well make use of a few days or more to get organised for a classic fishin’ mission whether the next time permissible, or a summer holiday style coming up.

Watching gannets hound small schools of baitfish dotted along the Auckland North Shore coastline most days this week, out around Rakino, Noises and Tiri area has been an encouraging sight, right up to and after a blaring warning on the cellphone. The sea temperature seems to have toned down its drop and perhaps bottomed out, so fingers crossed for an upwards swing signalling some full-on spring fishing. Although this change usually means the 4 seasons in one day i.e. possibly more crowded house from not being able to go out as much as planned.

Have you seen how to ultra Stealth-Mode rig softbait Double Hook jigheads – Stingaz? There are a few ways you can choose from and adapt to suit where and how you fish, it’s worth knowing and another string to your (fishing) bow. Here’s a quick video on how to do it:

How to rig the Double Hook Stingaz Jigheads for your softbaits. – YouTube

There are other Youtube ‘how-to’ style videos on the Catch Fishing channel (and many more) so have a browse and catch up on those things (big and small) that can make all the difference next time you’re out hunting fish. There is always something to learn, especially in Youtube-land.

More information, ‘how-to’ and technique videos will be produced throughout the year, if you have topics you would like covered, let me know…so thanks in advance for positive input and being part of ever-expanding fishing knowledge. Message or email Grant@catchfishing.co.nz

Have you had a good kingfish catching fix lately? Well Moontide Fishing last

Threading the Needles – Wavedancer on the prowl for those mighty kingfish for the crew at Gt Barrier Island for the Moontide TV show.

week provides, so you can sit back, buckle up and hang on for a ride. Here’s the link when the Moontide Crew went out aboard Wavedancer with Captain Jack Lucas and I to find and catch some of the local gulf’s stunning green-backs, and find them we did! Put yourself right in amongst the action, thrills and spills of these big green machines. All of the action happens within a day-trip of Auckland in a trailer boat, some recognisable spots, some not.

Moon Tide Fishing, Episode 7 | Māori Television (maoritelevision.com)

And yes again this stunning winters morning, sea birds are happily awaiting feeding time casually arriving and sitting around chatting out off the local coastline, binoculars only just required. The white noise of human traffic has dropped noticeably making bird noise clearly audible across the water. The fish will have to wait a little for some human presence, but as with many things, it’ll pass, and we’ll be ready. We live in a wonderful time of choice, how you want to catch fish is the question, not if. Whether you’re into softbaits, slow pitch, micro jigs, jigging, top water, trolling and many more – the real choice is yours. Enjoy.

Wild and woolly weather, mostly, but there are still lots of those ‘weird’ pauses when you suddenly  realize all is so very still, ‘not a breath of wind?’ Why aren’t I fishing?! Tide changes and offshore wind direction (from land out towards sea) especially when tide is out-going early morning say, can provide little windows of excellent calm, good fishing conditions particularly close inshore with a hill behind you providing a bit of a wind barrier, great for windy winter land-based, kayak even ski fishing. Smooth waters albeit temporary provide some extra fun fishing the shallows, in prime softbait territory. And you know (if you have) how good the hook-up thrills, super aggressive fight and that special feeling of triumph is when you land an aggressive hard charging all the way to your leader snapper, kahawai or kingfish! Happy days and yeehaaaaa! So what are the main things that make the difference between success and failure with softbaits in this scene? Read on…

Spiralling out of control. Near useless. Proper final presentation is key for softbaits, hey – it’s the only thing the fish sees right?! Twisted and crooked rigging of softbaits sucks! They spiral when retrieved and have a very ‘un-fishy’ movement to them, fish do not like spiralling softbaits half as much. It can be near pointless to present poorly rigged lures in winter to lethargic half to not-even-interested snapper in particular, they can’t be bothered to even investigate. Align the softbait centred and straight when penetrating the hook point into it, allowing a smooth straight section from the head of the softie and jighead, to where the hook point exists the softbait, with no twist and no bunching. Bunching up sets up a twist, a spiral…fish-free fishing dead ahead. This oddity is even more critical when fishing shallows with the softbait action even more visible to fish. When they’re gagging for a bite sure anything goes, but that can be few and far between especially in winter with shoreline fishing. A good thing about many softies is the forgiving nature of the lure itself, allowing re-rigging without excessive loss of grip on the jighead so your softbait lasts longer and can be re-aligned if crooked whether from your rigging or from fish nailing it. It really does make the world of difference to the quantity and quality of strikes.

Here’s a quick video I put together this week at a favourite spot – some top things to help your softbait setup, particularly for land-based or close inshore stuff…

Land-based softbaiting, easy setup and tips. Espresso – YouTube

Some surprisingly good looking sea-bird activity along the extended North Shore (Auckland) Bays lately – pointers to fish no doubt, worth a cast of a softbait or two, flick ‘em if ya got ‘em!

The Grady White Tairua Boat Show | The Coromandel  is on now, so if you’re at Tairua, come and say g’day at the Catch Fishing stand!

Wave goodbye to winter doldrums and quash even the idea of putting all things fishing on the back-burner, The Grady White Tairua Boat Show is on next week! Catch Fishing will be there of course, come and see the new Black Label LIVIES in person, the Black Ninjas, the White Warriors and so much more 100% bait-free fishing tackle!

Beautiful boats to pore over, exhibitors with all manner of fishing equipment and enhancement on display too. It’s a great time to walk and talk amongst fellow fisho’s, suss out your next dream boat – maybe turn that dream into reality. 3 days to choose from and such a stunning part of the country for a great day out with the family.

Boats | Tairua Boat Show | New Zealand

Meanwhile…back at headquarters night blasts of 100kph+ winds with power outages, while thundering squalls have been stirring up the sea state inshore and offshore. Long distance land based casting has been a much easier affair with a howling wind over your shoulder. But murky water needs a little helping hand from bright, splashy, flashy, luminous active lures – better to be seen and heard if you’re talking about lure fishing in turbid water. Luminous, chrome and highly coloured jigs and softbaits a great first choice, add in a Catch Tuning Blade to both for extra rattle and hum, a very good option and used with great success to enhance the noticeability of you lure.

How To Fish Inchiku Jigs!

What is an inchiku, and how best to fish them? Easy – have a look at this quick new video on inchiku technique to instantly increase your hookup success.  Click here: How To Fish Inchiku  

Good varieties of fish are out around Little Barrier environs whether softbaiting in and around the big boulders, or out fishing Horn Rock and various smaller pins that lurk around the island. Kingfish, trevally, gurnard, snapper and the odd frost fish too for a bit of fish-bling! When weather allows it’s a great winter fishing destination. Keep an eye on the western side of the gulf, Kawau area for a surge in fishiness, some very good signs are lining up.

How about a grand slam style day or three – browse the Tairua Boat Show and catch a southern bluefin tuna out off the eastern Coromandel coast there or thereabouts? Sounds like a plan to me!

‘Olive’ turtle turned up out west Auckland this week, Mother Nature’s full of surprises: ‘Rare occurrence’: Large turtle washes up on Auckland’s Muriwai Beach (msn.com)

Enjoy these last few weeks of Winter, Spring is but a downwind cast away.

Some spectacular snapper out in that 50m zone last weekend with the main stage of workups, whales, dolphins and more moving east a few miles dragging a big hungry snapper along with them. The move aligned with warmer water temperatures and currents towards the Colville side of the gulf, which interestingly also coincided with the wind swing around to the NE. While further south down in the Firth of Thames the bite slowed alright, ‘too calm’ for a day or so over the full moon – you know the ones, gloriously smooth day on the water but everything so very, very quiet, foggy and still with very tentative bites. Yet back over the Whangaparaoa peninsula side later over the past two days there’s been a gathering, some small pods of dolphins, a lot of gannets chasing bait right on the surface, fun to watch! The dolphins have been chasing around  right into places like below the 16th of Gulf Harbour Golf Course – just watch out for flying golf balls! Through the Tiri channel and around to the northern side, Wellington reef and out there’s been some good little workups too, not all containing pots of gold, but a shift around and you’ll find some fish. Fingers crossed the dolphins hang out a few more days.

The big smiling toothy pandas, Orca or Killer Whale have been hunting around the inner Waitemata over the past few days, the size of these beasties is impressive, hopefully they are feeding well and keeping warm, always exciting to see.

Bluefin tuna are showing up out from eastern Coromandel and Tauranga up from Waihau Bay way – so anglers are taking advantage of that, high wind speeds the biggest topic of conversation and when/if fishing is possible. Some outstanding and notable tuna catches have been made, and one in particular has captured the attention of the entire fishing community, Flyn Jack hooking and landing a Southern Bluefin Tuna…jigging! I kid you not. This guy was out at night and decided to try the famous Double Trouble jig. Battling under the intense pressure of these fish at night at sea is challenging to say the least. Flyn is 14 years old and already fishing like a wise ol’ veteran, massive congratulations Flyn. From Flyn himself:

“Plenty of interesting sign showed on the sounder that we struggled to identify. Curiosity had me dropping my 300g Catch Fishing Double Trouble White Warrior jig down with the Catch Acid Wrap 400 Rod. My first 2 drops were unsuccessful, so we moved around a bit. I dropped again and decided to speed up my jigging action and WHAM ……I was on!

Bucket list tick and a half!

Fishing for new things if the wind is howling? Go online – have a look at last weeks ICAST show in the USA, all sorts of bright shiny new innovations, developments and cool fishing gear.

More instructional and ‘how to’ Youtube style videos are underway, thanks to the massive and positive feedback from previous videos, inspiring to say the least, a huge and sincere thank you. Based on your feedback there will be more details, more real-world information and techniques are on their way and will be uploaded to the Catch Fishing Youtube channel. Again thank you for your amazing support, feedback and epic pictures of your fishing successes.

Carpe Diem, seize the day – go fishing!


Thunder Full Moon this Saturday, and the day is looking reasonably calm out in the local Hauraki Gulf according to the current wind forecast. 10kts of wind to start with, plenty of tidal flow, so look for some good fishing in the morning on that outgoing tide before the wind and tide swings in the

Sunrise and snapper, what a great combination.

afternoon and that big bright Thunder Moon rises later in the arvo…a good time to already be back home early preparing fresh fish for the family, BBQ’d fish under a full moon kind of evening on the cards? Might be some good squid fishing too, that’d go very well seared on the grill with some fish.

Big Bottle Nose Dolphins have been delighting land dwelling humans around the inner gulf and Waitemata harbour the last few days, right around the edges of Whangaparaoa Peninsula, North Shore Bays and Tamaki Strait hunting lunch, accompanied by a small devoted set of gannets looking for an opportunist meal. So if you see a handful of gannets just circling, check out down below for some big dorsal fins atop even bigger dolphins.

Are there workups in winter? Yes of course! In fact they can be exceptionally intense, those warm blooded mammals just like you and I the dolphins have the same body temp of 36c but they’re in cold water, so they have to feed the need even more, and feeding there has been with good thumping action out in 50m of the gulf particularly the NW side and up further north of the gulf itself too, with several whales spouting off in amongst the rest of the workup crew. Those big beautiful white gannets and more aviators should be in good health judging by the action stations out there. Remember to go BIG with your lures when the winter bite is on (whether fishing workups or otherwise) if you’re after the bigger fish in the vicinity, in fact go huge!, Giant Squidwings, big 7 inch LIVIES softbaits on heavy deep water rigs (Power Pilchard is a goto) like a big 120 or 150gm Beady Eye are winning tickets for big snapper, the Beady Eye has action and attraction i.e. ready to rock!

What about winter fishing softbaits in the shallows? Absolutely! Throw those softbaits down and around. Hunting around mussel farms for instance in the shelter/lee of land (they’re all over the place) can provide some excellent winter snapper and kahawai, even the odd kingfish too. Check the wind direction and you’ll find smooth shelter most days somewhere relatively near land with resident snapper looking for an opportunistic feed on a hapless softbait – try the 5inch Smelt  LIVIES – easy to see even in murky water, and on the menu most days.

Winter fish, the tastiest? One good way to find out – get the right gear on, your fishing gear out, and be out there doing it..