Let your summer fishing adventures commence!

The New Zealand Christmas trees are bursting with their abundant red-nose blossoms. Tuis are dive-bombing Wood Pigeons just for kicks. Yes, the Summer months are upon us and summer fishing style is well underway. Both east and west coast of the North Island have claimed a marlin. Big gamers are on notice while the local snapper are in the midst of breeding so short attention spans are prevalent. Kingfish are doing what kingfish do – opening eyes wide with their incredible power on the end of the line whether jigging or top-water.

Where’s The Fish?

With the wild winds over the past several days abating, the planets are aligning for some great fishing leading up to Christmas, whatever species you prefer to target. Good current flow, a good moon, warmer air and sea temperatures. Many fish are on their way in closer like marlin, tuna, kingfish, snapper. Inner channels are primed and ready for those wily small water craft to quietly drift along striking those short snapper takes of softbaits or micro jigs. Rangitoto channel, Rakino surrounds, Motuhie channel, downtown area of the container terminal and along Tamaki strait are great to target right now. Try a grub – a very light little jighead like a 1/4oz Stingaz with a little 4inch white curly tail ‘Livie’ along the sea floor. Sharp short rod lifts and then pause for a few seconds on the bottom ready for that strike.

Further out in the gulf there is an open playground to explore and enjoy whatever may be presented to you by Mother Nature at the time. Baitschools have been in good supply over the western side of the gulf Kawau-way – similarly the kingfish have been following close behind dodging some whales. Snapper do spend a lot of time not feeding at present. However a little silvery flash titbit tips the scales on their daily fasting times. Be ready for when they really turn on to biting. Swap out those little morsels for bigger much more erratic actioned lures and target those bigger snapper. A BetaBug or Double Trouble style lure is a perfect example.

Made plans for new fishing thrills in 2020? See you out there, snapper kingfish and maybe a big game fish or two as well…let your adventures unfold, 2020 is but the blink of a fishes eye away.
Merry Christmas! And will you look at that, the forecast for the 25th is very fishy.



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