Wide open spaces in the Hauraki Gulf. How’s the serenity?

Quiet and calm enough so that you first notice whales by the sound of their spout across the water somewhere. Some scenes just out there in the Hauraki Gulf are out of this world and yet right on our doorstep. Other eye openers include watching an Americas Cup boat ‘fly’ across the water with no ‘horsepower’ involved. WOT on many trailer boats simply isn’t even close to their top speed. Keep an eye open for the military manoeuvres going on, these big boats can move fast. Might has right (of way)!

Where’s The Fish?

The outer reaches of the gulf are better for targeting bigger kingfish. Out by the inside edge of Gt Barrier at the moment there are some sizeable models patrolling the anchovy schools. The mid to inner gulf areas are either somewhat quiet. Or the sharks in attendance (e.g. at Anchorite) are making themselves known.

Outside the Barrier YFT and marlin are there, you just have to find them.

Calmness all around. Then sudden sparks of workups (nth of Waiheke up eastern edge of cable zone and some Sth of Kawau). Snapper can magically appear, and then disappear. When the gannets are actively diving snapper will aggressively feed, big ones too.

Fishing the workups:

The key is not to get lazy with lures. If you are fishing with a Kabura style jig it pays NOT to use them in workups. Use a bigger more aggressive jig and you have a much higher chance of catching the bigger more aggressive fish. Highly successful jigs for this style of fishing are lures like the Double Trouble or the unique Squidwing or even the very latest Boss Squid hybrid! Heavier leaders can be used in this scenario too. It really does pay to put your light leadered, slow-fishing specialist lure the Freestyle Kabura in the tackle box when workup fishing, they can be a significant a disadvantage. Bring your beautiful Kaburas with their stealthy hooks and slow motion action back out when the fishing slows right back down – that is what and when they are designed for.

You may need to try all sorts of things at times for snapper. They can be disinterested for long periods. Aggressive feeding occurs but generally for shorter periods at the moment.
There’s a general slowdown of current due to the moon phase, hopefully not a slowdown in fish fervour out there.

Life really is like a box of chocolates, enjoy your fishing adventures, summer is made for it!


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