Stunning summer style fishing, long hot still days, cool inviting deep blue waters. What more could we ask for?

But what of the gulf fishing? Well it’s come back on rather nicely from the lay-days of light bite lately. That big bright super-moon has cooled its heels. This combined with the tidal current is making for extremely smooth days as far as the eye can see. Particuarly when the wind meanders around with nowhere it really needs to be. Stunning days out on the water that’s for sure!

Kingfish. Pure power. Image: Robert Field


Good sizes, good bite! Kingfish surface frenzies have been captivating those lucky enough to experience them. Also solid schools of kingfish swarming around places like the southern Kawau islands, Horn Rock and random spots out in 50m following the bait schools. Top water mayhem is one of the best ways to get an eye full of surface splashing kingfish as they clamber over themselves to hunt your stick bait down with bow wakes in full force. The easy to run Zingers are a great all-rounder for both Novice and Pro. Or a jiggers delight, big small, all sorts – try various types from big long falls like the Joker, or the big profile but radically reduced decent rate slow pitch jig the Deep-V. The kingfish are biting!


Away from that slack low tide the bite has returned reasonably well considering. Whether you are after some action out in the deeper gulf waters, or prefer to stay close, really close. When that current flows there’s been some great fish caught either from the shoreline, or from a small boat in and around the local snapper habitats in 5m. Some quiet times particularly around low tide this week. Early morning is the time to be out catching fish in the shallows right now. Gulf action with gannets and dolphins present has been here there n’ everywhere i.e. scattered. However the northern Flat Rock area is still a good place to be along with eastern side of the cable zone further out by Anchorite. Some small attack pods of dolphins have been snacking, providing brief but productive workups. And drifting the area after a quick fire flurry is a good option. Go well down in size of lure, use a little ‘Livie’ softbait on Stingaz jighead wafted down – this combo is too hard to resist even when they’re refusing other jigs. Using just 1oz or less jigheads in 40m+ is perfect when there’s little to no wind and drift. Watch closely on the drop as takes on the slow decent are common (kingfish and snapper). If not struck, mix up the rod action from very slow little rises and falls to short quick jerks, then stop. Use as little movement as you can and yet still make the little ‘Livie’ softbait look just alive. Reminiscent of a tasty remnant from the previous surface action.

Out wide

Gt Barrier fishing has been fishing OK – more towards the western side than the southern end. Unless you wish to poke around the corner towards Cuvier and get into the big barrels of skipjack that are there? Let that reel clicker sing! Squidwings – run a micro 28gm Squidwings, but also a bigger 100gm or even 200gm, skipjack albacore and more are all over them.
The marlin bite has gone very quiet the last few days out back of Gt Barrier ways and other eastside ports of call. I suspect that it will return strongly soon. The western coastline is a better bet, let’s hope the weather plays ball at the same time too. Another prime time for trolling Squidwings to target both tuna and marlin.


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